Shut The Bark Up!

Observations from a New York City Bitch…

April 4, 2014
by Amber

What’s with the bible crusade?


Seems like I can’t walk down a street in Chelsea or the west village without being accosted by these bible pushers!

Is the world coming to an end and no one told me?

Save yourselves sinners!


Get absolved so you can live it up this weekend!

Happy Friday!!!!’

April 2, 2014
by Amber


Sightings like this on my walks make me very happy.


Ahh, time for a little rebirth. :)


March 31, 2014
by Amber

Dog Eat Dog World

The Dogs of the Poker Scene

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there!

The idea of dogs playing poker isn’t anything new, thanks to C.M. Coolidge’s renowned series of paintings. However, it seems that dogs have finally transcended the realm of paintings and drawings on canvasses and shown up on actual poker tables in live tournaments.

In 2011, Tony G announced through a blog on PartyPoker that he would be bringing a dog with him to the 100k Aussie Millions tournament — a promise he made good on when he showed up to the party with TJ, a German Shepherd who, at least according to Tony G, made more fans than Phil Ivey himself.


This has inspired many people to start looking into getting their dogs in one the poker action. Candywriter released Dogs Playing Poker, a game that lets iOS users play poker as one of the dogs in C.M. Coolidge’s iconic series. The app has proven to be insanely popular, with many players even saying that the game is one of the best apps for beginner poker players.


But what’s even more unbelievable is that someone like Jilli Dog exists. Jilli Dog is an exceptionally smart Yorkshire terrier from Long Island, whose beloved human, Rick Caran, has trained to play poker!

Jilli Dog is also well-versed in other sports, but it was through her prowess in the poker scene that she gained a cult following. She’s now one of the most popular Yorkie, serving as the Goodwill Ambassador for the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue. Her trainer, Rick Caran, has reached worldwide acclaim for his training expertise, which he shares with the readers of both his website and Yorky Club Magazine.

Rick Caran has since raised another poker-playing Yorkie named Ruby, who’s appeared in various TV shows and game shows across the world. She’s even played against a “well-trained” Golden retriever, Kelly Ripa, and Bettle Midler. Ruby also plays the piano and some basketball, performing in conferences, birthday parties and corporate events.

All of this is, Rick says, is to encourage families to adopt rescue dogs instead of breeding puppies or buying from stores. After all, if there’s anything we can learn from their story, it’s that you can teach an old dog new tricks!

March 26, 2014
by Amber

Coldest winter in my lifetime

Looks like we dodged a bullet with the latest reports for more snow here in NYC. 

Which is good news, because if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m OVER winter!

coldbaby Did you know this has been the coldest winter in 20 years????

And the reason for that is  due to a blocking high pressure ridge over Alaska, the Yukon and the Northeastern Pacific Ocean.

That system deflected the jet stream across the North Pole, bringing us  unseasonably low temperatures as a result of this burst of arctic air.

And then that cool air meets with the jet stream and moisture in the South to create storm systems, which brought us record snowfalls on top of frigid temps.

Enough already with this slow ending winter!


Paws up if you are tired of wearing your winter coat!!!! 

March 20, 2014
by Amber

Happy 1st Day of Spring!!!

amber brown boston terrier dog blogger nyc

“Hello is right!”

Temps are predicted to be in mid 50′s today, so it might actually feel like spring!

It’s been a tough winter, but we might be a little better off than we were on this date last year.


“March 20, 2013″

Most of our poor spring flowers didn’t make it last year because it stayed so frigid.

Let’s hope this warmer trend continues.

I also took this photo last year on this date.


Dismal right? But here’s that same street TWO years ago!

blooming trees in new york city

Spring in the city March 2012!

Yikes! What’s happening to our climate????


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