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Shut The Bark Up!

Observations from a New York City Bitch…

March 12, 2015
by Amber

Birthday Girl

People ask me all the time, what’s your secret to staying so young and fabulous?

"don't hate me because I'm beautiful"

“don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”

I tell them the thing they NEVER want to hear. EAT WELL and EXERCISE!!!!

Everybody is looking for that secret ingredient or magic pill to health, but if you WATCH what you eat and MOVE more, you can’t go wrong.


Now, I’m not saying I don’t have the occasional donut while binge watching my favorite series. Or eat an entire pizza myself after a long week of moving from the couch to the bedroom. But, moderation is the key.


Eating well for dogs is actually quite easy. Don’t feed us crap!  We don’t shop on our own. We don’t prepare our own meals, you are in control. Select a high quality dry kibble with a Protein as the first ingredient. (Organic and Wheat free are my preference). Give us plenty of water,  and the occasional treat that is not over-processed.(No milk bones please). And for the exercise portion, WALK, WALK, WALK!!!!  What’s good for us is also good for you!


I’m 15 today! Holy crap, I like good!!!


December 15, 2014
by Amber

Henry and Penny, my new best friends!!!

OMG, I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive a little early Christmas Present from Henry and Penny.

"Seriously? You are gonna make me beg?"

“Seriously? You’re gonna make me beg?”

H&P are two French Bulldog Cuties who are making some of the most delicious and health conscious treats on the market. These goodies are Breakfast themed, which is totally awesome! I mean, who doesn’t love a pancake at any time of the day!!!!

Anyway, when they arrived, let’s just say I didn’t waste time tearing into them.


All their treats  are Grain, Wheat and Corn Free, and full of Simple Wholesome Ingredients.  They are also loaded with good stuff  like vitamins and anti-oxidants. And for a girl of 14 years, I don’t put anything in this bod that isn’t healthy!

"love the packaging, as well!"

“love the packaging, as well!”

Barking Bagels were my clear choice to start with.  Being a NYC girl, I know something about a good bagel.



I could have eaten the whole bag, but of course Dads are all about moderation.

But luckily this morning, Dad topped off my morning kibble with a few more of the Barking Bagels!


What a great nutritional boost to my morning meal!  Truth be told, Dad has been complaining about me not eating my breakfast lately.  Think we have found a solution to that problem. ;)

BTW, they are also offering a special for the holidays!  Buy any Breakfast Buffet combination and get a FREE BAG OF TREATS of your choice!  So check them out and pick some up for yourself!

Thanks Henry and Penny for providing a fun and healthy way for me to get a little extra something something  in my diet!  You guys rock!

"Back off Bitches, these are mine!"

“Back off Bitches, these are mine!”

Luv Ya!



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