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Breed all about it! Facts on the Blue Nose American Staffordshire Terrier!!!!


Clyde the Blue Nose American Staffordshire Terrier

"My Secret Crush, Clyde!"

I know what you’re thinking, it’s a Pit Bull!

And, you’re partly right.  However, a Pit Bull is not a breed itself. It’s a grouping of several breeds, one which includes the American Staffordshire Terrier.  The other two being the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Confused yet?

I’ll try to sum it up as simply as I can. When the English bulldog and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier were bred for fighting, the American Stafforshire Terrier was born.  However in the 1900′s when dog fighting was banned in the U.S., two strains of the American Staffordshire Terrier were bred, one for fighting still, but the other for showing.  The fighting one became the American Pit Bull Terrier, and the other one is our lovable and gentle show dog the American Stafffordshire Terrier!

So you are now asking but what is a Blue Nose American Staffordshire Terrier?????

Clyde the Blue Nose American Staffordshire Terrier

"Street Smart"

The answer is, an American Staffordshire Terrier with a blue nose!  Lol!  Simple but true, the blue nose indicates the dog’s coloring and that’s about it.   Anyway, I am rambling on about these big studly tenacious cuties because I must admit that I am sooo crushing on a Blue Nose at the moment ;)  My Dad’s groomer Dave, or Hair Stylist as he likes to call him, has a Blue Nose named Clyde.  I smelled him on him once when he came home, and was at first jealous, but when he showed me his pics, I was smitten.  Smooth, muscular, but not bulky, just my type.  The AST has a bad boy look but is gentle and loving.  Here’s the breakdown:

Environment:Make good apartment dogs, but they do need exercise, so take them out on long walks to keep their fit physiques. A great city dog. In fact, Clyde’s Dad describes him as a “Dream City Dog”. And I concur, sooo dreamy!

Bark Factor: Not big barkers, they will alert you to the delivery guy, but they are not going to bark for hours when you leave them at home alone. In fact pretty mellow in general around the house.

Grooming: These guys are totally “wash and wear”.  Little to no grooming needed, and shedding is on the low side. Low Maintenance!

Training: Most importantly they should be trained by a strong and knowledgeable owner.  They are eager to please and quick learners. Clyde was a rescue, and at two years old he had never been walked on a leash or housebroken.  Within a week he was house trained and within a month he was walking well on leash.  Intelligence, another thing I look for in a guy!!

Suitability: Great family dog, and wonderful with children. Nice thing is that they can handle a little rough play, while remaining pretty mellow.  But remember, they are strong, and rumor has it they can sometimes be aggressive with other dogs, so socialize them early and they should be fine.

So if you are looking for a big lap dog who can watch over you, consider rescuing a  Blue or any AST of your own.  Clyde came from the NY Bully Crew Rescue. They do great work saving dogs from bad situations, and would be the perfect place to research more and find out if this is the dog for you!

Oh and Clyde if you are reading this, Call me, I might be up for a little “rough” play myself! ;)

Clyde the Blue Nose American Staffordshire Terrier

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  1. thats crazy

  2. We rescued a blue nose that was about 2 yrs. old.She has to be the most loveable dog that I have ever had, a 75 lb. lap dog, and great with kids.

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