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Shut The Bark Up!

Observations from a New York City Bitch…



Although the groundhog told us that Spring is closing in, winter is definitely not done with us.

According to the Weather Authorities, a wintry mix of Snow, Sleet, and Rain is headed to New York City.

snowstorm nyc

6-8 inches of snow is predicted with strong winds Friday.


amber brown boston terrier nyc

“If I’m gonna be trapped in here, you might want to pick up a few more toys”

LOL.   Don’t you love it how the news people like to scare us into thinking that it’s 1813 instead of 2013?  You’re gonna be trapped!

This is NYC, and it is very rare we get stuck in. Plus there are bodegas on every corner if you need to grab a little something something.

However, there is one product which you might want to consider having on hand.

mushers secret paw protection

Mushers Secret is Paw Protection for your Dog from the hazards of that burning salt that will be EVERYWHERE!

It’s 100% natural wax and you put a little on and between our toes to protect us from the burn.

A sure sign that your dog has burned their paw on the salt is a lifting of their leg in a crippling way. He/she will not want to put it down and will limp. If you use the Mushers, you can avoid this. If you haven’t used the mushers, find the nearest snow drift and put your dog’s paw in a big pile and then rub the paw to get any salt that is stuck. Check in between the toes!

amber brown boston terrier in snow

“Can someone clean this place up, I have to get to Canine Styles

One tip for apartment dwellers, be careful of applying the wax and then heading down steep stairs as they may be slippery.  Sometimes I have Dad apply mine just inside the door and then carry me down. :)

A little goes along way and you will be on your way to a more pleasant walk. It last like forever and it’s also good for beach sand burn.

The snow turns ugly fast here in NYC, so get out there and enjoy it while it’s pretty! And don’t forget your protection. ;)


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